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FAT LOSS FOODS: calorie deficit

Indi Active shows busy women how to create sustainable and real fat-loss results through flexible dieting + fitness.

We are here to support YOU to achieve YOUR desired health + fitness goals designed through our IA app, with a tailored approach for every individual as we believe know two journeys are ever the same!

This is a no brainer but put your hands up if you love food..


I know, silly question but how many of us are actually hindering our progress and fat-loss goals because…we’re getting it wrong when it comes to the kitchen?

Yes, I have been guilty of this and seriously, listen to me when I say- you are NOT alone! I wish that it wasn’t the case – but when you hear me say that you really can’t out TRAIN a BAD diet… I am unfortunately deadly serious! Training your arse off to chase your results is simply not sustainable.

But the good news is – I am here to help!

What exactly do we need to do to fuel us to achieve success?

The short answer and my recommendation is ALWAYS going to be plants and proteins. Simple, affordable and can totally be delicious! Because when we are going for fat-loss we can use these two food groups really simply to maximise fullness with the added benefit of minimal calories consumed. This can totally help us to control TOTAL calorie consumption across the day/week. As we all know – we MUST be in a calorie deficit to see real fat-loss and to see the best results. Working with an IA coach with a personalised program can make this whole process easier for you! What are our TOP FIVE essentials while eating in a fat-loss phase?

WHOLE GRAINS Do not cut out ANY food group! And if anyone tells you too – tell them to jog on and here is why.. Carbs are your body’s go-to when it comes to fuelling your daily activities. From rice, oats, grains, buckwheat, pulse pasta – regularly eating these foods will actually help your metabolism. You will be less likely to struggle with cravings and your body will work more efficiently because you’re full. Obviously this goes without saying – portion control is a MUST.. being sensible is golden!

LEAN PROTEIN Think lean meats, beans + legumes, tofu, fish (white fish and yes, even salmon), eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yoghurt and protein powder to name a few. Protein is essential for the maintenance and building of muscle in the body and we suggest always having protein in each and every meal and snack.

PLANTS Add more veggies! Not only are vegetables filled with micronutrients they’re also filled with fibre that will help with keeping the body moving – if you know what I mean! Plants are also filled with protein, bring colour to your plate AND they taste great! They can add volume to your plate with not a lot of calories. Some of our recommendations include: potatoes, pumpkin, cruciferous veggies, beans, mushies, asparagus – I could go on! Pretty much my rule of thumb – you can’t go wrong when adding plants to your plate, ESPECIALLY THE GREEN GUYS!

SWEETNESS Yes, we all need something sweet to get us through the fat-loss phase. So, we always add in berries, banana, pears , apples, avo– you’ll start to notice as you turn away from processed foods simple things like fruit have a WHOLE new level of sweetness to them! Fruit is great because it is another powerhouse that is filled with fibre and will help keep your energy levels firing! We believe sticking with 2/3 servings a day of FRESH fruit (sorry…not the dried stuff!) will help to keep you on track!


Probably my fave – your fat-loss phase will not be complete unless you do include soul foods into your ‘diet’. This could be anything from adding peanut butter to your oats or with your celery sticks, a muffin at your Sunday brunch, a couple of squares of chocolate before bed, a glass of wine at a social celebration…do you see what we’re getting at here?! Your IA fat-loss journey will not be successful unless you’re able to make it part of your lifestyle! Loosing fat isn’t always going to be an enjoyable experience but with our approach and looking at a holistic change to what you’re eating across the course of the week (and leaving room for the 10% soul food) this is what sets us apart!

WE GOT CHU.. INDIVIDUALISED ONLINE COACHING So, what do you think? Some good options to include in your Sunday shop? Don’t get me wrong, loosing fat is awesome, you look good and will feel great – but it’s not easy. You will be hungry at times and it might mean that your calories/macros might not allow for some of your favourite foods for a period of time depending on your goals…see you later muffin! But it can be something that once you get into a routine and a regular practice – you’ll be able to dip in and out of when looking to start a fat-loss phase! …and the best part…you’ll NEVER be tempted to resort to a juice cleanse/cabbage soup, (BS) shake diet to reach your goals! EVER. AGAIN! We can help you with all your nutrition questions, macro breakdowns and the best part, all this information can sit in your back pocket with your very own IA Coach. For more information about our Individualised Online Fat-Loss + Fitness Coaching click here. BR x


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