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The Mindset You Need for Sustainable Fat Loss 🎙️

Hiiii Beautiful Human!

It's the second episode for 2024, and you bet it is direct and authentic (just how we like it!).

Listen to today's podcast episode, where I chat about 3 of the main reasons I see so many women not achieving their fat-loss goals.

I could honestly talk on this particular episode for hours, however there will be plenty more of this authentic chat over season 4!

Get ready to tackle the 3 major factors that play a crucial role in your weight loss journey:​

Mindset: Having a positive and unshakeable mindset is essential for sustainable weight loss. It involves creating a healthy relationship with food, understanding the triggers for overeating, and embracing a commitment to long-term well-being.

Accountability: Holding yourself accountable is a MUST for achieving (sustainable) weight loss goals. This involves setting realistic goals, making sustainable changes, and staying committed to a healthy lifestyle. Whether through self-awareness, sharing goals with others, or getting professional support, accountability reinforces consistency and progress.

Nutrition: Nutrition is a fundamental pillar in any weight loss journey. It goes beyond dieting! It involves embodying a balanced, sustainable approach to food. Prioritising nutrient-dense foods, understanding portion sizes, and making mindful choices contribute to a holistic and effective weight loss strategy.

Discover why commitment is key and how it separates the successful from the stagnant. Just remember to stay focused on what you do want and what truly works for you!


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