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4 Common Mistakes and Self-Sabotaging Behaviours Most People Make

Hiiii Beautiful Human!

I’ve got an insightful and impactful episode that can benefit you. We're diving into common mistakes and self-sabotaging behaviours that you may be familiar with, whether you're overcoming them or currently experiencing them.

In this episode, we'll cover four common mistakes and self-sabotaging: 🤯 Extreme mentality 💥 Fixed mindset 🗓 Weekends 💬 Actions not aligning with words

And here's the exciting part - stay tuned until the end because I'll be announcing something new at Indi Active! And trust me, this announcement will ignite a wild and passionate love affair in your life!

Remember, the point is to make it feel juicy, so let's dive in and uncover how to overcome these pitfalls.

Tune in now to be inspired!


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