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Dropping Body Weight is Simple When You Stop Focusing on the Weight

"Your body is a result of your subconscious mind!"

Fat loss is a by-product of the accumulation of all your aligned actions!

The more you live in alignment with the version of you who is already 10, 20 or 30kg lighter is the key to sustainable weight loss.

During this process, you will build new neural pathways (programs), healthy habits and an unshakeable mindset that will support a new, healthy version of you.

The version of you who is healthy, fit, strong, toned and lean is already within you!

But, how often do you take the same action as her?

How often do you go to the gym, even when you can't be bothered?

How aware is she of what she chooses to eat, let alone the knowledge you have with ingredients you're consuming or putting on your body?

And, how genuinely committed do you want a better life for yourself?

Let me share with you 2 experiments I played with over the last 8 months that helped me lose 10kg of body weight!

Believe it or not, when I started this little experiment, I didn't actually set out to lose any weight…

Losing weight was never my focus.

I wanted to delve into a cleansing lifestyle incorporating holistic practices to see the impact it would have on how I FEEL.

My focus was purely on increasing my frequency (feeling good) and becoming my most authentic, vibrant, natural self.

Even though I 'lost' 10kgs, my biggest takeaway is what I GAINED!


✨ A new identity, a new, vibrant way of life

✨ A heightened sense of empowerment

✨ Mental clarity like never before

✨ Deepened knowledge of nutrition and cleansing habits

✨ A revitalised, energised feeling and a radiant glow

My goal was never to lose weight, it was about cleaning up my lifestyle and experimenting to see if it elevated my own life, and potentially my clients.

I didn't track a single calorie or macro in the process.

I didn't exercise or train just to burn calories.

I didn't focus my energy on what I needed to 'fix' about myself.

Instead, I prioritised creating a new identity and aligning myself with the identity of my highest version daily.

My choices were guided by a commitment to embody the highest, most vibrant, and thriving version of myself (habits, beliefs, behaviours..)

A version of myself that respects and loves her body enough to only want to fuel it with high vibe foods and nourishment.

And as a result, I dropped 10kg! Naturally, along with toxic eating behaviours and limiting beliefs.

All because I was focused on who I wanted to be and acting on it rather than focusing on what I didn't want.

The BY PRODUCT of taking care of yourself is fat-loss!

There are no two individuals the same! Let's remember bio-individuality.

Once upon a time, I was exceptionally closed off to the concepts I embody today.

I was calorie and macro-obsessed, and I LOVED meat and a cheeky glass of wine with dinner.

I was also a sucker for sweets (sugar addicted), not to mention Nan's baking (that one might stick with me for a while).

But most weekends were spent drinking alcohol and eating what I wanted "as long as I stayed within my calories".

Well, this way of life may have kept my physique from gaining fat (for a short period), but it did nothing for how I felt, my energy levels, or my overall health and well-being.

The real transformation happened when I aligned my habits with the highest version of myself, explored healthy, cleansing, holistic practices and adopted new rituals and principles that felt good for me, which I had never embraced before.

THAT'S when things really started to shift for me (and sustainably).


​I want to share with you the 5 main things that helped me lose the 10kg:

  1. Fasting (water fasts, juice cleanses, 24-hour fasts)

  2. Reduced meat (I went from being a meat lover to a pescatarian!)

  3. Reduced bread (which completely stopped my bloating! #wheatbelly)

  4. Reduced alcohol (dramatically!)

  5. Reduce saturated carbohydrates & saturated fats (the deep-fried stuff, cakes, chips)

But the biggest takeaway wasn't an improved physique. I embodied a new way of life with habits aligned with my version of who I wanted to be.

So, who do you want to become?

Start BEing the woman YOU desire to be right now, you start DOing the things she would. Which automatically results in you HAVING everything you believe you can't have just yet.

Ask yourself, "How would the highest version of me be or do in this moment!"

If you are struggling to change your habits and are truly committed to your greatest transformation yet, making 2024 the year you become your healthiest, most vibrant, empowered self...

check out my 1:1 Online Coaching offering.

You will be guided through an identity shift through powerful processes and learn cleansing, holistic practices that will redefine your lifestyle.

Consider it, the last "weight loss program" you will ever need!

BR x

p.s. Here is a snippet of my transformation.​

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