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Steal My Secret for Mastering Your Goals!

In short, you have to be a woman of character and do the right things, and then you can have the things you really want.

For women who want to have a successful transformation (lose weight, build confidence and improve energy levels) this comes down to 3 steps.

1. You have to BE that version of yourself now.

BEing is an identity-level shift.

If you see yourself as a healthy, fit, glowing woman, that’s confident, empowered and successful, then you need to develop the mindset of a healthy, fit, glowing woman.

You take on the role of being her FIRST.​What are the qualities of a healthy and active woman?

Consider: confidence, decisiveness, self-respect, resourcefulness, generosity, ability to motivate themselves, a drive for achievement, discipline and willingness to evolve.

These are the qualities that will allow you to DO.​

2. You DO the things that a healthy and fit woman does

From your identity and mindset of being a healthy and active woman, you can ask: what does a successful healthy and active woman DO?

You may find it helpful to look at other healthy and fit women to see: what do THEY do?

The healthy and active woman does these things:

  • Manage their time well: They’re organised and prioritise habits and routines that align with their goals (e.g., meal prepping for the week ahead, getting to the gym in the morning before any distractions).

  • Lead by example: They're a role model for their loved ones through their actions and behaviours (not just words!) They understand the power in taking responsibility for their own reality.

  • Thriving wellness: They’re glowing with radiant energy and confident in the way they show up in life. They're free from illness and sickness because they prioritise themselves and their wellness.

3. You HAVE the things that a healthy and active woman has

A healthy lifestyle is what gives the woman the life they want.

This includes:

  • A healthy body composition that is free from sickness, illness or disease

  • Energy to enjoy quality time with loved ones

  • Confidence in the way they show up in life

  • Comfort in the clothes they wear

All of these are achievable qualities!

You can use the Be-Do-Have formula for anything you want in life.

Look at what you have to do to accomplish your goals, and then self-evaluate and determine what kind of woman you have to BE in order to DO so that you can HAVE.

When you’re ready to BE a healthy, fit and glowing woman, you’ll recognise that hiring a coach/mentor is the first thing to DO so that you’ll HAVE a lifestyle that compliments and aligns with your deepest desires and goals.

Are you ready to take that step?

We're dive into all of this during our Goal Setting Workshop , where we explore how to transform your thinking, cultivatand e a mindset and identity shift that propels you towards who you know you truly are.

Watch the live recording now and be part of a transformative experience.

BR x


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