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Reset & Align!

Do you ever feel like you're pouring from an empty cup?

Do you get so busy that you don't take enough time to stop and re-centre yourself?

Have you got an eagerness to elevate your mind, body and quality of life?

Do you just need something wholesome to look forward to?

Then our Indi Active Women’s Wellness Retreat is just what you are looking for.

Join us on a beautiful, soul-pleasing experience for empowered women driven to self-improve, evolve into their best selves, and cultivate a harmonious, healthy lifestyle.

This retreat is designed for those who are looking for more aligned, holistic health and wellness practices and are eager to embody a healthier lifestyle to elevate their lifestyle.

Reset and realign with the opportunity to step away from the daily grind, re-centre, and re-energise while gaining powerful tools to elevate your mind, body, and soul and step into your most vibrant self.

What’s involved?

  • Be guided through a beautiful, holistic experience!

  • Health and Wellness principles to enhance your well being

  • Meditation and breathwork to reconnect with yourself, to carry into your everyday life

  • Holistic nutrition insights, health coaching, and self-care

  • Release blockages, negative energy and stress during a powerful cleansing session

  • A transformative session to reframe your thinking and overcome limiting beliefs

  • Join a collective of like-minded women also on a journey of growth

  • Building better wellness, nutrition and fitness habits and behaviours

  • Gaining a profound new perspective to step into your highest self


When: Saturday, 24th Feb 2024

Where: 6am – 12:30pm *AEST

Location: Burleigh Heads, QLD

and embark on this transformative journey.

Get your ticket here.

Invest in yourself, do the work, and let the happier, healthier, most vibrant and empowered version of yourself shine through.

BR x


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