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What They Don't Tell You About Commercial Deodorants

It felt like a mission because I couldn’t figure out why natural deodorants “weren’t working” (and no wonder!)

Try to find a natural deodorant that doesn't contain toxic ingredients such as..

☠️ Aluminium

☠️ Hormone-disrupting (endocrine disruptors) chemical fragrances

☠️ Parabens

☠️ Triclosan

☠️ Propylene glycol

The fact is.. besides clogging your pores and negatively impacting the lymphatic system by using deodorants and antiperspirants when you eat/consume highly processed foods, GMOs, and preservatives, your body is going to want to release these toxins through the pores of your skin.​

If you’re eating a diet that is out of sync, your sweat will likely stink!

Many people assume all sweat stinks, but that’s not the case.

Natural deodorants aren’t the problem!

If you stink, isn’t it smarter to look at the cause rather than covering it up?

And what dangers are there behind using these commercial deodorant products?

Commercial deodorants block the skin from cleansing, resulting in a highly toxic and acidic body.

Let this be a friendly invitation to research the harmful chemicals in deodorants and the effects they have on the body (and long term!) and look into using natural deodorants or oils that don’t contain artificial fragrances, propylene glycol, aluminium or other toxins.

MY RECOMMENDATIONS ​for Natural Deodorants:​

If you value your health and want to experience your most vibrant and healthiest self, then I’ve got your back!

As part of private online coaching with me, we will explore important topics and even start to make clean swaps to support your cleansing lifestyle by taking an inventory of what you’re putting ON and IN your body.

In my private online coaching program, I guide and empower you to seamlessly integrate a clean, holistic, and well-balanced lifestyle, you not only adopt but flourish in a lifestyle that prioritises your overall wellbeing. From nutrition and fitness to mindset, your 1:1 journey is designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and ongoing support needed to create lasting positive changes.

BR x


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