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Empowering women through INDI-vidiualised online coaching to master sustainable fat-loss results + enrich their lives!

Indi Active is moving women's health through modern education to improve the quality of lives globally.

Join me and my IA coaches as we show you how to achieve your desired goals through a unique, personalised health + fitness journey.

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Empowering women through a unique individualised online coaching journey to achieve long-term fat-loss, whilst improving their overall lifestyle.

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Here are some of what our online coaching babes have had to say


‘Not only does Brie’s contagious smile and positive bubbly energy make going to the gym that much easier but her constant support and encouragement is what makes her a great personal trainer. She will assist you in reaching your fitness goals through a lifetime of sporting experience and will prove to be a great friend you didn’t know you were missing. If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey like I was, Brie will help guide and support you the whole way through all of the ups and downs. One year later and I now have her to thank for this more positive and happier life I live.’


Jordy Mifsud

Selection Assistant
Skye Wheatley

Brie is someone who lights up the room and even her smile will motivate you to train! Her presence radiates positive/fit girl and that’s what I aspire to be. I love her encouragement every time I come to class.


Skye Wheatley

Reality Star

My life has changed for the better all thanks to the amazing IA coach Brie.
Brie has pushed me to my full potential, and after every session I walk away feeling amazing!
I have never felt this confident in my body than I do now, and I feel so much better physically and mentally.
Brie has taught me the importance of calorie deficit and exercise and I'm so grateful to have her by my side during this fitness journey.

Tess Fabrizio

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