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Empowering women through INDI-vidiualised online coaching!

Indi Active creates the best possible journey for females to reach Fat-Loss + Fitness results - achieved with education and long-term skills to maintain this lifestyle.

Join me and my IA coaches in understanding how I can help YOU achieve your desired goals through a unique, personalised health + fitness journey.


INDIVIDUALISED - Online Women Fat-Loss Coaching

COLLECTIVE - Bali Retreats


Women Empowerment


Indi Active provides YOU with a unique, tailored health + fitness experience.

We encourage and educate women to create a healthier lifestyle for sustainable and long-term results. 

How can we help you achieve your desired goals?

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By Brie Reichman

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Health + Fitness while Traveling

By Brie Reichman

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We take pride in taking a holistic + realistic approach to each individuals health + fitness experience as we recognise the importance of support + guidance along each INDI-vidual journey. By joining the Indi Active Tribe you will be updated with the latest fitness, health + wellness knowledge and programs.

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What Clients Say

Here are some of what our clients have had to say

Skye Wheatley

Brie is someone who lights up the room and even her smile will motivate you to train! Her presence radiates positive/fit girl and that’s what I aspire to be. I love her encouragement every time I come to class.


Skye Wheatley

Reality Star
Jazzie Negrello

Brie has so much compassion on getting the best out of her clients, her postitively has changed my life to live healthier and fitter without taking away the goodies.


Jazzie Negrello

Te Ari Mahuri

The thing about Brie is, you can not be fooled by that innocent smile because behind that innocent smile is a loud scary voice that makes you push your limits. She’s a very driven girl with a wicked attitude to get things done, not only for herself but her clients to.


Te Ari Mahuri

Tara 500x500

Brie continuously has an incredible energy about her whenever she trains me. Shes always keen to be there and put me through my paces but constantly giving ongoing support. She’s one of a kind.


Tara Kaff

Soulful Nutrition

I wasn't doing any cardio or weight training, and then I started training a couple times a week, as part of a group session with Brie. From the beginning, we had a connection, not only on a personal level but also on a professional one, as she understood what I wanted to achieve and helped me get there.

I believe she is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around, teaching me the correct techniques to avoid injuries. I really enjoyed the energy that she put into the sessions.

My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I actually look forward to my workouts!



Pilates Instructor

Bries bright, bubbly and very energetic personality made her my favourite PT. Brie made it her mission to understand everyone’s journey, with that she helped her clients to achieve the lifestyle they were looking for. Without Brie I wouldn’t have the drive I have today to keep up my healthy lifestyle and to push my body to the limits.


Lauren McElhinney


Thanks for being the Carman’s Women’s Fun Run Ambassador today Brie ... because if you weren't, my daughter and I would never have run/walked our first fun run ... YOU continue to motivate us.


Jen Finnerty


‘Not only does Brie’s contagious smile and positive bubbly energy make going to the gym that much easier but her constant support and encouragement is what makes her a great personal trainer. She will assist you in reaching your fitness goals through a lifetime of sporting experience and will prove to be a great friend you didn’t know you were missing. If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey like I was, Brie will help guide and support you the whole way through all of the ups and downs. One year later and I now have her to thank for this more positive and happier life I live.’


Jordy Mifsud

Selection Assistant

‘B Rocks,
I first met Brie when I started at F45 Prahran about two years ago and automatically I was impressed by her positive nature, her ability to engage with members and her subject matter knowledge of training and her capacity to progress and regress each exercise to suit individual needs was brilliant.

Since then, after getting to know Brie better and gaining a broader understanding about her trials and tribulations of life and her resilience to overcome obstacles has made her one of the strongest young women I've ever met.
Her positive nature, the way she handles herself and her selfless passion to get the most out of and help people have truly impressed me and I'm glad I met her and am very proud of the person she is and is becoming. I recommend her to anyone person, young or old who wants to improve their way of life and get the most out of their bodies. Brie is an unbelievable coach who always puts her clients first.’


Mark Scrivens

Season Six Married At First Sight 2019

The Indi Active sweat session was a massive hit! Brie came to our school, to give the students in the advance class a HIIT session. She was really good, she walked around the room and encouraged others which pushed them even harder, which therefore, made the other students leave feeling really good about themselves. There were a variety of stations which she had set up, which the students also enjoyed something different, but beneficial. Thanks Brie!

Abbey Burford

Mortlake College Student

‘I first met Brie when she was working as a Personal Trainer in Hawthorn. What struck me firstly was her enthusiasm for her chosen career, her workplace and community. She also was able to work with a variety of people with different skills and ability. I know she will do well because she does care about her work’!

Gerard Coutts

Director at Gerard Coutts & Associates
Laura Nelson

I have tried many different ways of losing weight, getting to a point and before I know it piling all my weight back on, This program wasn’t just about losing weight for me it was also about changing my relationship with food letting it nourish my body and making me feel better and I have achieved that. I have learnt so Much about what makes me feel good and what doesn’t make me feel so good.

Through out the program I have learnt a lot. What I wasn’t expecting was for this program to teach me more about my mental health, I honestly have never been so positive about things. People close to me have even commented on my positive state of mind and how my positivity has an impact on there happiness too. Before starting the program I would never have stepped into a “typical gym” I have got out of my comfort zone and joined in a class in a gym I have not looked back.


Laura Nelson

Emma J

It has been so inspiring working with Brie on my weight loss and wellbeing journey. She is so positive and encouraging, her energy and passion for life is contagious. She has taught me how to strengthen my mind, body and soul and makes me feel like I’m strongest woman in the world!

Emma Jones

Sarah Atrill

Brie is such an incredible trainer and motivator in general life! She pushes you, encourages you and let's you know that it's okay if you stuff up, you've got this!

I love Brie's bubbly, positive attitude to life and fitness! It’s infectious and makes you want to be a better person! Without Brie I wouldn't have been able to get through these last 12 weeks!
She's an incredible person and I'm so grateful for her assistance with everything!


Sarah Attrill


Since starting personal training with Brie, I have learnt more than I have ever about fitness and nutrition. Brie has helped me regain my confidence and motivation to why I train and eat well. Whenever I am having a down day or can’t push myself to the gym, Brie is always there for me, she goes above and beyond from what a personal trainer would do. Brie has not only helped me physically in my fitness journey but also mentally. Every session she is such a breath of fresh air and her happiness is contagious. I can’t wait to continue training with her and see even more results.

Florrie Kennedy

I have never been a physically inclined person. From the time I was young I have engrained the belief that using my body is not something I am good at, and as a result I have shied away from ever challenging myself physically. I recently decided to shake up this mentality in the pursuit of better health and I was extremely lucky for fate to hand me Brie as a trainer. From the minute I met Brie, I felt motivated and inspired by her. She is friendly, engaging, high energy, and constantly has a spark behind her eyes that inspires you to dig that little bit deeper. Brie always encouraged me to try harder in a gentle way that never felt confronting, she was there to support me when I needed her advice or technique corrections, and she noticed and actively commended me when I got stronger and showed progression.

Training is an incredibly intimidating process for somebody like me, as I am constantly anxious that I will do something wrong, look silly, be too weak to be able to attempt something, or just generally not know what I am doing. This is where Brie’s passion for health and fitness really helps her clients. Because she truly loves what she is doing, her contagious energy helped me push away all of the fear I had and allowed me to move into a new place where I not only participated, but pushed and challenged myself. The best coaches can see something within you before you see it yourself, and it is because Brie believed in me that I have been able to grow the belief that “I CAN do it!” within myself.

To feel this kind of freedom in my body after a lifetime of not believing it would ever help me achieve anything is a rare and precious gift that Brie has given me. I am fitter and stronger because of Brie’s guidance and advice, and because of her constant motivation and lessons about discipline I now know that everything I want to achieve with my body and health is not only possible for me but very much within reach. It feels diminutive to say thank you to somebody for giving you such a huge gift, but I will say it anyway - Thank you for empowering and supporting me Brie! You have given me the mental strength that allows the physical strength to follow and I will always be grateful.

Thank you Brie for everything you have done for me! ❤

Simone D’Rozario


My life has changed for the better all thanks to the amazing IA coach Brie.
Brie has pushed me to my full potential, and after every session I walk away feeling amazing!
I have never felt this confident in my body than I do now, and I feel so much better physically and mentally.
Brie has taught me the importance of calorie deficit and exercise and I'm so grateful to have her by my side during this fitness journey.

Tess Fabrizio

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