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Energy Clearing Session

Energy Clearing Session


A 60-minute online energetic clearing session featuring a Guided Cord Cutting Meditation designed to shed your old, stagnant energy and clear energy blocks with Reiki Healer Sammy Paraha.


Encouraging you to surrender any attachments that no longer serve you to create space and prepare you for what is.


Here's what you can look forward to:

〰️ Deep Energetic Clearing Session

〰️ Clearing and Realignment

〰️ Let Go of Blocks Holding You Back

〰️ Gain Clarity on the Energy You Want for the New Year

〰️ Guided Cord Cutting Meditation

〰️ Oracle Card Guidance to Wrap Up the Session


  • Workshop & Meditation

    Access the full energy-clearing workshop and the meditation for you to access easily and quickly when needed.

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