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IA CREATOR: Brie Reichman


In life, we come up against obstacles! When we take a moment to step back + reflect, we see that there are no accidents and each obstacle that we face is designed to challenge us, to make us, to strengthen or to break us.

Each obstacle has the potential to detach us from living the positive life we all deserve to live, which can send us into incredibly dark spaces mentally where we question ourselves and our purpose.

When I look back at the obstacles that I have faced so far in life, I see that it was in those moments that I learned the most about myself and developed the amazing support system that I now have in my life. I have been able to move past each challenge that life has thrown me, treating each one as a small speed bump that will help me to grow and become the person I want to be.


Like most people, my story starts with the people that brought me into the world, my parents! However, unlike most people, mine starts with them passing away when I was nearly 4 years of age. The first hurdle that I faced in life, I was too young to understand, but it meant that I grew up with an understanding of just how tough the obstacles in life can be. As what most people would define as the hardest time in their life, I experienced this at such a young age. Even through the most devastating experiences in life, there is always something to be grateful for, and for me, it was being raised by my heroes - the greatest grandparents in the world!

Those heroes (Nan + Pa) made sure I had every opportunity in life. Allowing me to play every sport under the sun which involved traveling miles every week to do so. They did everything for my sister + I. They made sure that I grew up with a strong sense of who I was and where I had come from (and to never loose sight of that).

Whilst I was known to be keep my Nan + Pa on their toes I was diagnosed with Petit Mal (a type of Epilepsy), not only did this make primary school a challenge, it made high-school a daunting thought. With an unbelievable amount of community + family support I was fortunate enough to receive the right treatment and testing which saw me grow out of this medical condition at 8 years of age.


It starts with Mum, I was always told that she was an incredible person and a phenomenal netballer. She was the reason I started playing and has always been my inspiration to leave my trademark behind everywhere I go in life. Growing up, being surrounded by influential netballers, living and breathing netball certainly made me more hungry and determined to become the best netballer I could be.

At a defining age in my life (that we all experience), I could have taken one of two pathways, to be a victim of my past or to create the life I want to live. I was lucky to have such incredible female mentors who guided me to be the best version of myself on-and-off the netball court. At the age of 17, I ended up being faced with more life challenges. I tore my ACL during a school netball match which was an extremely traumatic time for me, especially leading up to playing in my first Senior Grand-Final, in which I always dreamt about since the day I could remember wearing my first netball bib. My knee reconstruction held me back and took the one thing away from me that mattered the most in my life! 2 years, during recovery and ANOTHER blow to my knee, I wasn't able to train or do what I had always done best to the best of my ability. This wasn't just a physical challenge it was also the biggest mental challenge to overcome.

I wasn't going to let the adversity stop me, knowing full well I would turn my set-back into a comeback. I used that time on the sidelines to take an opportunity to learn the functional/background side to running a business. Even if I did dread every minute of it, looking back now I have come to realise that, "everything happens for a reason" My recovery was coming to an end and I began conditioning myself to get back into netball which led me to further my knowledge in the fitness industry. After two years away from the sport that I love and adored most, after numerous hours of rehabilitation and dates with the netball court to increase my fitness, at the end of 2017 I was selected into a Queensland Netball League team - Golden South Bond University Jaguars, playing my first match against South Africa. What an incredible experience that was, even if I was still blowing off the cobwebs!

F I T N E S S I N D U S T R Y Being exposed to numerous different styles of fitness (from Pilates and yoga to HIIT + boxing) to gain my fitness and strength back, is how I discovered strength + conditioning based training. When I remember back to my first S+C session, I remember feeling EMPOWERED, INSPIRED + UNSTOPPABLE (maybe a little bit faint). The endorphin rush was like nothing else! I saw continuous results in myself physically and body composition as well as gaining strength back in my knee. I couldn't get enough + wanted more. One sweat session it clicked and I knew, this is exactly what I want to do - help + inspire people improve themselves (not just physically but mentally) through fitness, showing people they can achieve greatness and reach their potential through my passion. It is a contagious energy seeing outcomes, and as a fitness coach, it's the best feeling in the world seeing body, mind + spiritual changes. That started my love and passion for health + fitness. Fun fact: I jump before I am ready + build a parachute as I fall down.

Upon completing the AFA Personal Training course and NPE Entrepreneurs Business Course, I now focus on bringing this same motivation and passion to my Health + Fitness business, Indi Active - through Women's Online Coaching + Lifestyle Retreats.

G R A T I T U D E + M I N D F U L N E S S I have ALWAYS thrived and grown most from the uncomfortable feeling of challenges or being thrown in the deep-end. For years I had the perception I was never good enough, but it wasn't until I realised being constantly outside my comfort zone was shaping me to become a stronger woman! Reminder: Be the woman you needed as a girl.

I was ALWAYS the 'junior' or the weakest link (other wise known as the bench-warmer) in my netball teams, from senior netball in the country, right through to playing in a Queensland Netball League Championship Team.

This was NOT a negative experience, honestly, it made me more driven than ever! At the time, I was seeing these situations as unfair (and probably SH!T to say the least) and could create 101 excuses why it felt so unfair, but it taught me A-LOT of life values.

Same goes for the few career choices post high-school. I was the baby of all my work colleagues by YEARS. Being exposed to these environments and people led me to understanding the successes and mistakes learnt from every individuals journey. "Do not seek to follow the footsteps of the wise, seek what they sought" - Matsui Basho It is INSPIRING and it has moulded me to want to encourage others through my biggest inspiration in life, Health + Fitness. Helping others create a better lifestyle lead me to create Indi Active, a health hub and safe haven for females to reach out in order to create a healthier, better life for themselves! I don't let any of the challenges I've faced in my life define me, instead of I've welcomed each one with open arms and allowed it to shape me into who I am today as a strong, independent woman and Entrepreneur.

Indi Active is a Health + Fitness hub, created and designed by my strongest core beliefs/values that align with my life purpose.

In meeting each individuals desired outcomes to reach their full potential in their everyday lifestyle. We do this through such avenues as collective retreats, individualised online coaching. Facilitating the overall result of helping my clients feel enriched (inspired + empowered) through a Indi Active unique journey.


The naming - Indi Active, is attributed to my beautiful god daughter, India.

Spiritually, India stands for leadership, personal independence, authority and being a proud individual in oneself purpose which is what I strongly believe in everyday, forming a health hub for all to have the opportunity to thrive, grow + change.

Originating and shortening from ‘individualised’. Individualised being one of the three features that Indi Active as a health + fitness hub have to offer.

I'm proud to say that, I believe I have been put on this earth to make a difference for anyone seeking to live a healthier lifestyle through health + fitness. "The hard times we experience make us appreciate the good times" I am here to push you through the tough times, but also to celebrate milestones achieved along your fitness and health journey. Most importantly, know that you have greatness in front of you to accomplish any task or challenge ahead. All you have to-do is be brave and have trust in the process. So to YOU, thank you for being here apart of my mission, whichever way that may be. Whether you're a follower, a member of the IA Tribe or someone who is watching from a distance + inspired to create a ripple effect in the lives of others too.

That's my story, please take a minute or two to respond to this email and let me know your story! What is the biggest thing you're struggling with at the moment? What is your motivation for wanting to achieve fitness goals? I love hearing your stories and helping people! I promise I will do my best to get back to you. "Turn your setback into a comeback!" Brie Reichman


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