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My 7 Nutrition Insights as a Nutritionist

We're bringing back the basics!

I often get asked...

"Brie, what do you eat?"

"What do you eat for brekky?"

"What is the best meal to consume before and after my training sessions?"

"Are there any fat-loss foods I should be eating?"

"What foods are good and bad? What should I avoid eating?"

OKAY, so let me start here.

Everyone is completely different when it comes to nutrition, preferences, lifestyle choices, culture, fitness levels, age and hormones, which is exactly why I don't give my clients generic meal plans but work with them to make empowered, aligned, quality, effective food choices.

People over-complicate the absolute SH!T out of Nutrition.

It can feel like you are putting your foot on the brake and the accelerator at the same time and going absolutely nowhere, seeing little to zero results.

I get it; it can be exhausting.

And that is coming from someone who was calorie and macro-counting obsessed for years!!

Nutrition is quite simple.

In fact, it is something I rarely touch on just after a few weeks of working with my clients because often, food isn't the problem. It never was...

The issue is their mindset, their emotional baggage, their habits, behaviours, and how they have been conditioned, which influences their eating choices.

So let me break down how you can start to become more conscious of what goes in the hole under your nose with a few of my daily embodiment practises.


​​Embodiment practises I do daily!

Consider working towards improving one area below or more if you desire.​Just remember, you don't need to be extreme, just consistent.

1. Consume a variety of fresh produce daily! ​​Organic if possible. Blend over 5+ different fruits in the morning to start your day off feeling vibrant and alive.

2. You're not hungry, you're thirsty! ​Drink 500mL when you first wake up, and stay on top of your H2O levels throughout the day. Add a pinch of Himalayan and/or Celtic salt into your water bottle to help with water absorption.

3. Eat the colour of the rainbow.​Keep it fun and playful. Making wholesome salads is my favourite.

4. Eat to 80% full. ​This will help you become more in tune with your body, rather than feeling like you 'have to' demolish a meal and sit in a food coma, feeling drowsy for the rest of the day. Side note, it is OKAY to leave food on your plate.

5. Keep meals smaller in the evening for a better night's sleep. Your body will wake up feeling more vitalised and ready to go!

6. Less packaged, processed crap!​If you can't read or pronounce the ingredients, put the item back on the shelf. If you see numbers in brackets, put the product in the bin!I'm not sure about you, but I highly respect my body and only want to nourish it with quality ingredients rather than ingredients that have been made in a lab created from chemicals and other foreign toxins to the body that, over a period of time will and can result in disease, sickness, obesity, illness.

"Be uncomfortable now to be comfortable later, or be comfortable now and uncomfortable later!"

7. The triple C's...​Create, Cook and Consume. ​Be mindful of the energy you are in when doing these three things. It will heavily influence the way you feel. Food will amplify your energy...Let me explain, if you're constructing dinner and you are in a filthy mood after a horrible day and you just want to get food on the table and in your belly, the chances of you becoming more peeved is highly likely.​Or, if you rush to get brekky down while driving like a maniac to work because you're running late, the chances of you having a bloated, stressed belly is inevitable.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out how particular foods make you feel (including alcohol ).

Be conscious and mindful of what you eat and how it makes you feel after.

The cleaner you keep your nutrition, the more you will find yourself aligning with healthier food choices that your future self will thank you for.

If you are fed up with your foot on the brake and accelerator, seeing little to no results, let me guide you. Check out my FREE ebook downloads!

P.s, I don't believe in good or bad foods. You can still eat (absolute) crap and be in an energy deficit (calorie deficit) and still lose weight (hello fitness industry). However, I believe in this... High-vibe or low-vibe foods. Foods that will leave you feeling vibrant or crap... The choice is yours, how do you want to feel?... simple.

BR x


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