In life, we come up against obstacles. At the time, it is all consuming. However, when we take a moment to step back and reflect, we see that there are no accidents and each obstacle that we face is designed to challenge us, to make us or break us.

Each obstacle has the potential to detract from the positives in life and send us into incredibly dark spaces mentally where we question ourselves and our purpose.

When I look back at the obstacles that I have faced so far in life I see that it was in those moments that I learned the most about myself and developed the amazing support system that I now have in my life. I have been able to move past each challenge that life has thrown me, treating each one as a small speed bump that will help me to grow and become the person I want to be.



Like most people, my story starts with the people that brought me into the world, my parents. However, unlike most people it starts with them passing away when I was nearly 4 years of age. The first hurdle that I faced in life, I was too young to understand, but it meant that I grew up with an understanding of just how tough the obstacles in life can be. I endured something when I was four, that most people define as the hardest time in their life at any age. Even through the most devastating experiences, there is always something positive to take away. For me, it was being raised by my heroes and the greatest grandparents in the world.

Those heroes made sure I had every opportunity in life. They did everything for me and made sure that I grew up with a strong sense of who I was and where I had come from. It starts with Mum, I was always told that she was an incredible person and a phenomenal netballer. She is the reason I started playing (the sport I am most passionate about today) and has always been my inspiration to be the best I can be on and off the netball court.


Because of my Mum, netball has always been in my vision since I can remember. Growing up, being surrounded by influential netballers, living and breathing netball certainly made me more hungry and determined to become the best netballer I could be.

At a defining age in my life and like all of us, I could have taken one of two pathways. I was lucky to have such incredible support of people who guided me to be the best version of myself on and off the netball court.

I ended up being faced with more life challenges and I needed those lessons to endure them. I tore my ACL during a training session which was extremely traumatic. It held me back and took the one thing away from me that mattered the most in my life. For 2 years, during recovery, and another blow to my knee, I wasn’t able to train or do what I had always done best to the best of my ability.

I wasn’t going to let the adversity stop me, I used that time on the sidelines to take an opportunity to learn the functional side to running a business – “everything happens for a reason”. My recovery was coming to an end and I began conditioning myself to get back into netball which led me to further my knowledge in the fitness industry.

After two years away from the sport that I love and adore most, after hours of rehabilitation, at the end of 2017 I was selected into a Queensland based netball team – Golden South Bond University Jaguars, Division One Team, playing my first match against South Africa.


I was exposed to a numerous different types fitness classes (from Pilates and yoga to HIIT and boxing sessions) to gain my fitness and strength back, that’s how I discovered F45 (functional 45). When I remember my first F45 session the only word I can think of is EXHILARATING. I soon fell in love with the fitness model that F45 brings to group training – becoming a trainer was the next step. I saw continuous results in myself and those I was training and wanted more. One day it clicked and I knew, this is exactly what I want to do – help people improve themselves (not just physically but mentally), show people they can achieve greatness and reach their potential through my passion. It is a contagious energy seeing outcomes, and as a trainer, it’s the best feeling in the world seeing those changes in members. That started my love and passion for fitness and health.


Upon completing the AFA Personal Training course, I now focus on bringing this same motivation and passion to my current clients on the Gold Coast and also through online programming. My style of training involves natural movements with equipment that is engaging and more effective to increase mobility, strength, fitness and weight loss.

I don’t let any of the challenges I’ve faced in my life define me, instead of I’ve welcomed each one with open arms and allowed it to shape me into who I am today as a strong, independent woman and a personal trainer. I’m proud to say that I’m here to be the trainer to push you throughout the tough times, but also to celebrate milestones within your fitness and health journey, most importantly know that you have greatness in front of you to accomplish any task or challenge ahead. All you have to do is be brave and have trust in the process.

So to you, whoever you may be reading this. Thank you for being here apart of my mission, whichever way that may be. Whether you’re a follower, a member of the tribe or someone who is watching from a distance & inspired to create a ripple effect in the lives of others too.

“Turn your setback into a comeback!”



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  1. Nicole on February 19, 2020 at 5:27 am

    Inspiring words Brie. x

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