The very first moments of your morning are the most important of your day and can set the tone for positivity and productivity.

Ideally, you have an app or clock that taps into your natural circadian rhythm (aka. internal body clock) and wakes you during your “best time” within a certain window. By being disrupted of your deep sleep to the sound of a blaring alarm clock sets you up for a negative day brimming with fatigue and crankiness. BUT getting the right alarm clock is only part of the battle.

Here are SIX ways to start your morning better!

1. Give yourself at least 15 minutes of no screen time

Besides turning off an alarm that might be on your phone, resist the urge to check your social media, emails or text messages. It sets you up for a day of being enslaved to technology and your morning time should be reserved just for you. This might mean disabling notifications on your home screen so you’re not tempted by that Facebook update or mounting emails.

2. H2o

Keep it simple – aim to drink at least ONE big cup of water before heading out of the door.

3. Set and affirm your goals for the day

Set some achievable goals for the day, but limit them to THREE!
This might include packing your lunch instead of eating out to save money, committing to a PM yoga class, or scheduling the doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off.
Setting three daily focuses will keep you on track to a productive day!

4. Stretch

It seems so obvious, and yet so many people ignore it.
You can do this in bed, using a simple ‘stretched out legs and arms overhead’ movement. You can indulge in a supine twist on the floor, or you can practice whatever feels right for as little or as long as you like. Your body’s just been booted down for hours you can’t expect it to be warmed up, energised, and raring to go right away.

5. Meditate

Don’t skip over this one just because it sounds “boring” or like you “don’t have time for it”.
Meditation is only as strict, long, short, boring, or annoying as you make it.
A “successful” meditation in an entire lifetime might be only a few seconds.
However, sitting in a comfortable position and focusing on clearing your mind, even if it’s for less than a minute, can help your mental clarity and spiritual wellbeing and set the stage for the day.

6. Make your bed

Not only does this set the tone for a productive day, it has huge psychology benefits. Before you even work out of your bedroom, you have accomplished a daily task. The best thing about this, not only will you kick start a productive day, but if your day doesn’t go as planned or as well as you had liked at least you will come home to a made bed!


You probably already know which morning habits aren’t serving you, so why keep doing them? Instead, focus on what really makes your mornings better and prioritise them.
They say, “how you spend the first few hours of your morning can determine your day”. Let’s start it with a positive thought before picking up our phones and scrolling through the morning newspaper or should I say Instagram and Facebook feed and start it by completing a sweat session or meditation session to get your metabolism rolling.
BR x


I am constantly working on ‘perfecting’ my AM routine as I am a strong believer in starting my day the right way and that comes down to how I wake up, but I also believe you can improve your morning by setting yourself up the night before by falling into habits such as..
– Laying your active wear out next to your bed.
– Having your brekky ingredients + materials on the kitchen bench.
– Yoga matt layed out in the lounge room.
– Having my note pad + pen on the bench ready for me to reflect on the goals I have set for the week + to set x3 focuses/tasks to complete during the day.
TIP: Never go to bed/sleep angry, annoyed, upset or sad!
I have found the above habits have helped me set my day right but also save SO MUCH TIME in the morning. WIN WIN!

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