“Train Smarter, not longer”

I have chosen to implement this ‘fat loss’ sweat session into the 12 Week Lifestyle program, not because I want to go out of my way to put the girls through their paces and to test their limits, but because it is a proven exercise program for women and fat loss (with NO dietary intervention needed in this study).

TRAPP, otherwise known as LifeSprints program consists of an 8 second SPRINT immediately followed by 12 seconds of SLOW (active recovery). This can be completed through a variety of different exercises, such as using a exercise bike or fast but light punches (boxing), running, rowing machine or using a woodway curve treadmill for a total of 20 minutes (which you should eventually and gradually build up too).

As a professional fitness coach, trainer, instructor, mentor (whatever you want to call me) I highly recommend a exercise bike with the resistance set on .5 to 1kg OR a punching bag for light but FAST punches. The key message here is that speed is more important than power.

LifeSprints is a time efficient form of exercise that has consistently resulted in quicker fat loss results rather than conventional exercise such as walking and jogging. It is MUCH shorter than typical fat loss exercise programs and consists of 20 minutes of exercise with 8 minutes being SPRINTING and 12 minutes being SLOW/active recovery. It has been shown that overweight people and a range of patients (through studies) with disease can   perform intermittent sprinting without problems of complications.

Ever wondered why you can’t lose weight but train your absolute arse off?

I am going to be straight down the line here…
Besides the fact your diet could have been absolute ‘shit house’ or you have previously been on a restricted diet ALL WEEK, then fall off the band wagon over the weekend because you had the “stuff it attitude”, than you will have experienced the NEVER ENDING cycle of fat loss / weight gain.

I want to educate you on something else.

As females we release a hormone called cortisol when we put our bodies through stress, or otherwise known as the ‘flight or fight’ mode. Cortisol is also released once we reach past the peak in a HIIT training session (usually 30min+) meaning within 30 minutes of high intensity interval training we are in the ‘fat-burning state’ (free from releasing cortisol levels), whereas any more than 30 minutes+ of HIIT will put your body through stress and the body will experience a plateau state and fat loss becomes insignificant and can increase the chances of weight gain.
“Train SMARTER, HARDER + BETTER not longer”.



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