“Eat Sh!t, Feel Sh!t”

Lost control and ate a whole block of chocolate, ice-cream, chips and whatever else was in sight?!
Don’t stress! Losing self-control happens to all of us but just don’t let it continue. It is important to forgive yourself and get back on track. Make sure your ‘binge’ is just a once off, and find out the problem WHY you needed a ‘binge’ in the first place.



The key to overcoming an unhealthy relationship with food is to find the problem.
How you do this, is by asking yourself these important questions:
WHY do you keep ‘bingeing’?
WHEN does the bingeing occur?
WHERE are you when it happens?
WHAT type of food is it?


So, what are common reasons why you could go into crazy cravings?

  1. Your lunch or dinner didn’t have enough protein.
    2.A sweet tooth took over and sugar cravings commenced.
    3. Boredom, yes having nothing to do always leads to us checking the fridge and pantry 500 times!
    4. Dehydration, sometimes having a glass of water solves it all.
    5. Self discipline weakened.
    6. Solutions to be prepared for next time! (Yes, there will be a next time, that’s life).
    7. Remove all treats from your kitchen, so junk food is not as accessible. I like to use the saying “out of sight, out of mind”.
    8. Have a glass of water or herbal tea after your meal and wait 20 minutes.
    9. This will help clarify if it’s your stomach or mind telling you to eat more.
    10. Replace treats with healthier alternatives, e.g. nuts, fruit, protein balls, protein shake. (I highly recommend a protein shake).
    11. Ensure you are having a full-filling, nutrient dense breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep the stomach occupied digesting.
    12. Make sure you’re eating more low GI foods rather than high GI to stabilise sugar levels and keep you feeling fuller for longer.
    13. Avoid boredom, keep your mind busy. Go for a walk and get out of the house, watch a TV show, just anything to keep the mind occupied until you decide if you’re ‘truly’ hungry.
    14. That time of the month! Yes, we are females, yes we can be super emotional + sensitive which turns us to the first and easiest thing we know  will give us an instant release of the happy hormone to feel better about ourselves for a quick 5 minutes until we just feel shit and guilt for eating the whole block of chocolate.
    15. Surroundings: Have you ever had someone in the kitchen or someone preparing a meal near you which instantly made you want food? Be mindful of your surroundings, including if it is a positive influence or negative situation you are around.



Don’t create a unhealthy relationship with exercise by punishing yourself with a sweat session because of your naughty binge, it happens, remember to forgive yourself, learn from it and shake it off!
One junk meal won’t make you fat like one healthy meal won’t make you fit, try to find that consistency and balance.

 // personal experience
I personally use this mentality when I have indulged just a little too much throughout the day or from simply enjoying myself on a night out OR when I have fallen off the bandwagon – like I mentioned before, we are only human and after all being a female can be a tough gig at the best of times, but it is learning to bounce back after a setback and turn it into a comeback.
Forget about it and the next day aim to put the extra calories/energy to good use by doing a strength based workout!

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