By the time you’re “thirsty”, you’re already dehydrated.

It is super important to stay on top of your H2O levels and not just during summer, but all year round, this is for many reasons. So I have put together why it is soo damn important to keep up your hydration levels.

Well, besides the important reasons such as water helping with digestion, keeping the body fuller for longer and the simple fact that water is the best way to rid your body of unwanted toxins and fat. It also keeps you satisfied and can increase metabolic rate. Here are some other awesome benefits to drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
💧 Improves skin
💧 Banishes headaches + migraines
💧 Beats bad breath
💧 Regulates body temperature

@briereichman ~ I have a few ways to keep on track with my hydration levels daily such as..
💧 Water app tracker – this reminds me every 45 minutes with a notification to drink water.
💧 I set myself small daily challenges to drink 3L.
💧 Write times/deadlines on my drink bottle to have the water drank by that certain time.
💧 Remind myself that “ain’t nobody got time for urine infections”.

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