Building recovery time into the Indi Active 12 week training program is important because this is the time that the body adapts to the stress of exercise and the real training effect takes place. Recovery also allows the body to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues.

Recovery, however, refers to techniques and actions taken to maximize your body’s repair. These include hydration, nutrition, posture, heat, ice, stretching, stress management, compression, and time spent standing vs sitting vs lying down.

Elements of Rest and Recovery

1. Sleep

Sleep is the most important time to recover. Adequate levels of sleep help to provide mental health, hormonal balance, and muscular recovery. You need to get enough sleep, which is between seven to nine hours.
Everyone has individual needs based on their lifestyle, workouts, and genetic makeup.

  • Hours slept before 12 at night are proven to be more effective than those slept after.
  • Sleep in the most natural setting possible, with minimal to no artificial lights.
  • Wakeup with the sun if possible.
  • Fresh air and cooler temperatures help to improve the quality of sleep.


2. Hydration

Drinking adequate amounts of water is critical to health, energy, recovery, and performance.
Keeping the awareness of hydration levels during training and recovery times can make such a large impact.
Water helps all of our functions. A few examples are more efficient nutrient uptake, lower levels of stress on the heart, improved skin tone, and better hair quality.

The simplest way to check hydration is to look at your pee. If it is clear to pale yellow you are hydrated. The darker and more colour in your pee the less hydrated you are and more water you need to drink.

  • Water is the best way to hydrate.
  • Sports drinks are only needed for before, during, and after strenuous training or completion, don’t drink them simply because they taste good.
  • Flavourings and other additives simply give your system more to process and cause it further strain. Stick to adding a lemon or lime.


3. Nutrition

Everything you eat has the ability to help heal your body, or to poison it. This may sound strong, but alcohol and processed foods contain toxins and are harmful to the body. Eating clean and balanced meals in moderation is proven to be effective to remain healthy and increase performance.

Food in our society goes far beyond fuelling the body, so it is not always such a simple choice. We go out to dinner, and most social events have food. The key is achieving balance so you get the results you want, but can also function as a normal person and enjoy life.

  • Create a meal plan and shop ahead for the week.
  • Have healthy snacks readily available that you enjoy.
  • Plan ahead for dinner out by helping to pick the place you’re eating and looking at the menu ahead of time.


4. Stretching

You need enough flexibility to move well and remain pain free. Included within your training program, dynamic stretching is super important in your warm ups while saving static stretching for after your workouts.

Attempt to self identify tight areas and work on them. Don’t get caught doing the exact same stretches you’ve always done. Foam rollers are a great way to relieve any tention!


5. Heat, Ice, and Compression

Use these techniques for recovering from injuries or a very stressful training.

Spending some additional time focusing on rest and recovery can pay dividends beyond additional training time. It’s essentially legal performance enhancement, yet people don’t take advantage of it because it takes time. Dedicating additional time primarily to the three categories of sleep, hydration, and nutrition will increase your output ability, decrease recovery time, and lower your risk of injury. Don’t miss the mark of not dedicating time to the little things that matter most. Don’t ignore your body until it becomes too late and you’re forced to take unnecessary time off due to injury, burnout, or worse.


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