A medicine ball workout will add strength to your core, chest and arms and help improve your balance and flexibility. Also, it does not put any pressure on your joints, while you strength train. The medicine ball will help give you a solid workout without the risk of an injury. Here is a medicine ball workout, which you can try at home in a gym or at the local park.

*Always warm up before any exercise as it will reduce the risk of an injury and also help stretch out your muscles so that you recover faster.*


Complete all 5 exercises once (one after the other), then repeat a total of 3 rounds. After each round, have a 60 second break before starting the next round. Workout ratio: 30 seconds work/exercise, 30 seconds rest (or if you are a real go getter, looking for a extra burn, in the rest period, squat jumps are an alternative exercise)

1. Lunges – Holding the medicine ball above your head. Take a wide step forward, bend down till your other knee almost touches the floor. Now, get up and do the same with the other leg. This exercise targets your entire lower body along with your abs.

2. Around The World – Rotating the medicine ball clock wise around your head (to begin, then anti-clockwise second round), engaging core.

3. Dead Ball Slams – Stretching the medicine ball above your head, followed by slamming the ball into the ground with force. Be sure to slam the medicine ball in front of you so it has no chance in giving you a bruised nose.

4. Mountain Climbers – Keeping your shoulders aligned with your wrist with both hands placed on the medicine ball, keep your back straight. Crunch your abdominal muscles and bring one knee at a time to your chest (this is classified as one rep). This will tighten your abdomen and give it good definition.

5. Russian Twists – Sitting in a V-sit positon, legs off the ground and feet positioned together, rotate the medicine ball side to side of your body. Engaging your core and feeling the burn in the obliques and abdominals.

6. Push ups – You can add intensity to your regular push ups by placing your hands on a medicine ball instead of on the floor. Now, lie down in the push up position and push yourself down and up, all the while trying to maintain your balance on the medicine ball.

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