No need for your joggers for this sandy sweat session, but be sure to grab your phone and sweat towel for a killer session designed to increase your cardiovascular fitness working at 70%-100% of your max effort.

*Always warm up before any exercise as it will reduce the risk of an injury and also help stretch out your muscles so that you recover faster.*

FARTLEK: Is a form of running in which the runner, varies their running pace significantly during the run. It is used within interval training to develop speed and to raise the anaerobic threshold. This type of training benefits runners from advanced to starting out with many benefits from a simplified form of Fartlek training, to develop self-awareness and to introduce variety into the training program.


Testing your mental and physical state throughout this ‘FARTKLET’ workout will give you something to work on and progress over time, whether it is at the beach, local oval or on a treadmill, this will boost your cardiovascular endurance and mental capacity to keep pushing through the session when the burn starts to kick in. You’ve got this!

30 seconds – jogging / at your own comfortable pace.

30 seconds – sprinting / at your maximal effort! “SPRINT!”

Minimal rounds x12.

Finish with a 5 minute jog and 5 minute recovery walk – BREATH IT ALL IN.



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